• Most students are children we already know (prior to March) that can sit, focus and understand to not touch anything in the rooms. New students must be evaluated first via Zoom and determined if they can also follow these guidelines.

  • In person students will preferably be not be under age 8 unless deemed fully able to follow guidelines.

  • Doors and windows will remain open during lessons, and several fans are circulating the air. 

  • Hand sanitizer is applied to both instructor and student before and at end of lesson. 

  • Mask is worn by both instructor and student

  • Instructors sit 6-10 feet away from students and do not touch the students hands.

  • Instrument necks/piano keys are wiped with Clorox wipes before and after each student, and a disinfectant is sprayed on stands/piano benches and in the air before/after each student.

  • Vocal lessons will remain virtual; if we receive an unusually high demand for vocal lessons, we will install a plexiglass booth in the future. 

  • Instructors will wear gloves if parent requests this (imagine playing Chopin etudes in rubber gloves!) 

  • ONE parent per child in the waiting room at a time. This means two parents are the most that we allow in the waiting room if two lessons are being taught. Parent may also wait in the car, and we can help a younger student walk to meet you afterward. 

While it is so incredibly joyful and emotional seeing students back in the studio,  we are taking extreme precaution to make sure in-person lessons are 100% safe and structured. The following guidelines are in place as follows:

As of our first week back, these guidelines have been followed beautifully by all the students and parents, and Miss Kate feels incredibly blessed.  Inevitably, we've had some people not understand why we didn't bring everyone back full time, and there's three answers:

1. Hybrid allows the waiting room and entire building to remain incredibly spaced out, giving us, parents and students the comfort in knowing that things will never be even close to crowded.

2. If the schools shut down as regular flu season begins, we didn't close off that Zoom door completely. Luckily, our students have been making the most of their education with Zoom (check out "Quarantine Jams" on our Facebook page!)

2. Everyone has different feelings!! It's not just parents and students....it's our teachers too! They are incredible people, and we want to do right by them and respect their feelings. In a nutshell, lots of feels. But we're off to a good start and will keep being cautious as we head into the fall.