This little guy is definitely
too young for percussion lessons! 


Like the piano, violin and viola can be taken from 5-7 and kids can go right into private lessons. We highly warn parents that because of all the physical aspects and more difficult combination of senses, strings will require a bit more practice time and discipline than guitar or percussive instruments. Because the cello is a larger instrument that involves strength, kids should be a bit older (7-8). 


At Hubbels, we believe that the best age to start piano is from 4-7 years old. Kindergarten and first grade are typically the most popular age we see. 

For the 4-year-olds who feel ready and anxious to learn, we use the Music for Little Mozarts preparatory course, which breaks fundamentals down in a fun and non-discouraging way for pre-kindergarteners. (Noon and early afternoon lessons available)


Guitar and percussion are best suited for 8 to 10-year-olds, or 7-year-olds who are physically ready. A good route for a younger child is to start with piano to build basic fundamentals, then allow them to choose drums or guitar when they get older. Guitar in particular calls for strong fingers (not teensy little ones!), and drummers need good arm strength. However, 5 and 6-year-olds can learn the ukulele before transitioning to the guitar.  


10 years or preferably older has long been quoted as the appropriate age for private vocal lessons. Vocal chords have to be matured and ready, otherwise underdeveloped little chords are susceptible injuries caused by singing. In some cases, it might even be best to wait until puberty. Piano lessons happen to be a wonderful addition to vocal lessons, as singers can eventually learn to accompany themselves on the piano. They'll be ready for Open Mic Night in no time!

How old should my child be to Start: