Q. My child is a beginner: What is the appropriate age to begin an instrument?

A. Ages 5-7 are the most popular age we see  for piano ( late 3's and 4-year-olds do very well with an appropriate preschool program) and ukulele, while 8-10 are perfect for guitar or percussion. Please do stop in or give us a call to provide more info on your child, as physical size and mental maturity are both loopholes to every "rule of thumb" surrounding starting ages.

Q. My child has taken lessons before and didn't like the lessons or the practice, but I still want them to play music. Should I bring them to you?

A. We love having fun with our students, but that doesn't change the fact that the piano is still a discipline that involves a lot of time, patience, and yes, practice.  Every child is different, and you may see kids who never practice keep excelling versus the child who practices all the time and hits a plateau. As highly experienced teachers, we can work with your child to learn his or her persona, identify strengths and help determine what kind of musical route they'll fall into. Sometimes going to lessons outside of your home and into a professional setting enables much better concentration, and also inspiration from seeing/hearing other students on a weekly basis. Only you know your child best. But even those who claim not to practice will eventually plateau because you cannot advance on an instrument without practice. That being said, we greet each new student with the belief that every child can find the joy in the "work" aspect of music, especially under the tutelage of a great teacher.



          why choose to study at a music school


Q. What are the advantages to using a music studio instead of home study?

A. It can be convenient having someone travel to your house, but choosing outside music study has its many significant advantages:

  • Keep your home private
  • Students are often less shy (musically and personality-wise) when their own work space is kept private
  • Avoid common household distractions. Separating "home" from "work" is extremely beneficial toward any learning process
  • Already set-up studio work spaces and a wide assortment of teaching aides 
  • Comfy waiting area (with a TV; we always play fun movies)
  • Several live recital opportunities throughout the year. We

         strongly believe in kids applying the skills they've learned in a real

          working situation

  • Ability to drop-off students and run errands
  • Method books and sheet music available on site

Q. How do lesson bundles and payments work?

A. Our lessons run in semesters  (usually 19 or 20 weeks) with our own calendar of open and closed day (check homepage for link). Using semester payments allows us to run our studio efficiently, but we are  extremely easy to work with regarding absences and vacations. Emergencies aside, we cannot offer a makeup lesson or credit unless an absence is called in either in advance or by 10:00 AM the morning of the absence. We are flexible with setting up a payment plan