Preschoolers (4's and late 3's) learn very differently from their kindergarten-aged peers. Hubbels was one of the very first in the area to have a piano lesson program specifically for preschoolers, and Music For Little Mozarts is an incredible method that has proven time and time again to be extremely effective with wee ones. Children will enjoy following the musical adventures of Beethoven Bear and Mozart Mouse while learning important fundamental concepts along the way. Combined with cerebral games and activities, this method offers a thorough (and fun!) learning experience and successfully transfers directly to the elementary-aged Alfred methods. Click to see the results!

For strings, we offer preschool aged Suzuki classes or private lessons with our Suzuki-certified, highly experienced instructor. Following a carefully curated program that has been around for over 50 years, this is a fantastic way for kids this age to begin the violin or viola in a gentle and comfortable fashion. In kindergarten, kids can begin private lessons using other materials or continuing with the Suzuki method. You can read more about the principles of Suzuki on their website.


Over the years, rock workshops for children have become increasingly popular due to a need for kids to socialize and collaborate through the arts. However, our  Rock Conservatory program stays true to our studio's roots by keeping our groups small, intimate and hand-matched for the best experience and results.

 Held periodically throughout the year, this program instills the same discipline and work ethic that we expect in classical music studies. 100% attendance to all shows and rehearsals are mandatory, and parts must be practiced (and preferably memorized) outside of the studio. All band members must work together as a team and essentially producers to ensure that the outcome is the highest they can achieve.

We also strongly stand by the students being as self-sufficient as possible, and adults do NOT play in the bands unless a part cannot be covered by a student.

While not completely necessary, a background in music theory is very helpful in order to execute correct chord, key and tempo changes, and while everyone is welcome, we expect the same growth that we see in our private lessons. An audition is required for outside students; please call to arrange one. We have many different student groups,  organized by skill level. 

Rock Conservatory coaches are seasoned rock veterans who make their living playing professionally. They have opened for many top 40 bands (including Puddle of Mudd and Dream Theater), taught for premiere rock schools in Westchester, and continue to take part in many exclusive cover bands and original projects.Thanks to hard work, coaching and great band chemistry, tween group FORTUNA recently won the middle school division of BandJam at the Ridgefield Playhouse. Check out Fortuna and other  media from student shows over the years.

New students, whether beginners or experienced, are always given a free trial lesson with our staff to determine if our studio is the right environment for them. Absolutely everyone is welcome, but we expect  students to treat our instructors and their time in our studio seriously. Teacher availability changes depending on where in the teaching semester we are or how many students we have. If you would like one of our highly recommended teachers for a day or time that is not available, you can join a wait list for desired availability. Please call for rates/availability and check where we are in our semester calendar. We can also point you in the direction of what age is best for what instrument. 



FIRE (First Introductions to Recording and Engineering) is an electronic music program where students learn the basics of MIDI and software such as Garageband, Logic and Reason while also applying fundamentals of music theory to create their own music. We live in an age where electronica has not only taken over music, but plays a part in tweaking some of the best rock, pop and classical musicians out there. The skill of engineering electronic music is an invaluable for any serious musician or music hobbyist. It is also a fantastic way to explore and create music for those who may feel more productive working independently. 

Other classes offered within FIRE are Sibelius 101 (learning to typeset sheet music), Music Theory 101, Piano for Composition 101, Drums for Composition 101, and Singing and Songwriting 101. We also offer a course further into the curriculum where students can learn about scoring and editing movies and music videos.


Private lessons are offered on site in 30, 45 and 60 minute durations. We currently offer:

  • Piano (Jazz* and Classical). Beginner pianists will begin in either our preschool or Level 1 piano curriculum. They will be mentored by upper-level instructors throughout their studies until they complete Level 2. Upon completing Level 2, they will transition to Level 3 instructors and curriculum. We teach pop and Broadway in conjunction with a classical education. *For serious jazz, Mr. Jarod is our jazz professional. 
  • Guitar (Acoustic/Electric*/Bass). *Beginners MUST learn on acoustic to start; advancing students will still learn acoustic technique after transitioning to electric. All guitarists will learn using written notation, not tablature. 
  • Strings (Violin/Viola/Cello/Double Bass). Instructors are Suzuki-certified and are core string players with years of experience.  
  • Vocal (Jazz and Contemporary). 
  • Percussion (Kit and World). All percussion students are required to learn to read written percussion notation.

30 minutes is best for beginners, and as students advance (or if they've had prior training), they can increase their lesson time with teacher approval. Lessons are held each week on the same day/time. Students are absolutely required to study written  music theory, physical technique, history and practice/performance strategies. We expect students and parents to commit to a healthy attendance schedule, especially if you want to see results. 


At Hubbels, we have an intense passion for producing our student bands and songwriters in a real recording studio. Whether part of a Rock Conservatory project, a side passion for classical musicians, or a demo/audition for singer-songwriters, we have so much fun working with students to help bring their artistic visions to life. The recording engineer our studio uses has over 35 years of recording and production experience and has worked in incredible studios such as Avatar in NYC. We have fun making trips to his personal studio and spending the day immersed in recording.

A Hubbels faculty member is on hand to guide the students during the entire pre, peri and post phases of recording and producing. The students will give their input on  arrangement and live performance while working with the suggestions of their mentor. We want the kids to have as much creative freedom as possible, but at the same time guide them toward the best choices. Aside from working together as a team in producing, students also learn engineering techniques (auto-tuning, punching in, MIDI adjustments),  mixing and balancing, managing time and budget, and the major importance of being prepared!

Take a listen to  some of our recent student recordings on the Rock Conservatory Media page.