The Baldwin

This 1989 Baldwin once lived for many years in a grade school. Because it was always (thankfully!) kept locked, the inside, soundboard and keyboard are 100% sparkling pristine, and the seller had it fully regulated before we acquired it. Baldwin, which is a well-known name in the piano world, is a company that dates back to 1897 and is known for its high quality, American-made pianos. Pianos manufactured before 1998, like ours, were built in Ohio. 

In addition to private lessons, the Baldwin is used for piano duo rehearsals and piano masterclasses. 

The Kawai

The Kawai baby grand in our studio is an extremely generous donation we received in 2016 from the Schick family of Hartsdale, NY. What an amazing, loving gift that has done wonders toward building the strong piano program we currently have!

This piano, built circa the 1980's, was virtually brand new and was lovingly maintained by the family for years. It needed no work at all, and (fun fact!) was once played by the bass player from the famous band Phish. 

Kawais are manufactured in Japan. Aside from their outstanding craftsmanship, they are known for being a very innovative company with their materials and engineering. In fact, their SK-EX model is rated by many technicians an experts as one of the top 5 pianos in the world.

‚ÄčOur Kawai is used for private lessons and rehearsals. 

Don't be fooled: Just because a piano looks shiny and new does NOT mean it's a quality instrument for playing and teaching on. Many brands that are attractive and affordable are tempting, but are not built with quality parts. Cheap parts equals a piano that is difficult to maintain around (sometimes unruly!) children. Our studio's baby grands are made by well-known, reputable companies, and have both the  playability and durability needed for teaching both beginner and advanced students. They are a key ingredient as to how we teach our advancing students, and our students always have free access to practice on them after hours.