Band Workshops, 2017/2018

                             Workshops are held selectively throughout the year,

                      6 Weeks for Grades 3-7, 4 Week Intensive for Teens


  • Students prepare to play live at pro venues (taverns, restaurants, coffee houses)
  • Workshop spots are very desirable in the area. Kids take this seriously and produce very high results in comparison to similar programs. 
  • Students are grouped by age/level appropriateness to ensure a comfortable experience.
  • Even if your child is skeptical about his or her playing level, we may have a group that they'll match perfectly in. An audition is key to knowing!

There's nothing we love more as performers and teachers as putting our students together into small ensembles. This is a fantastic opportunity for kids to learn about playing in a group setting: Listening, cooperation, and individual artistry are just a few of the skills that your child will learn the importance of. 

For teenagers, rehearsals are fast-paced, "no fuss" and treated exactly like real-life rock band rehearsals. 

We also love how kids from different schools and areas have built friendships from our workshops!

‚ÄčPlease call or email for more info